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“You don’t have to apologize for your mechanicality.”Mr. Nyland

For those with interest in the ideas of Gurdjieff, particularly as we learn to apply them in Willem Nyland’s groups, introductory and advanced dialogues are offered on Zoom and in person. Your personal reading of Gurdjieff’s writings is the only prerequisite.

I joined Mr. Nyland’s Chardavogne group in 1979. His rigorous transmission of Gurdjieff’s ideas continues to be my home base when it comes to putting them into practice.

From 1982 to 1987, I lived and worked with Mrs. March and her group at the Rochester Folk Art Guild; and through that apprenticeship worked with members of various Gurdjieff Foundations around the world. Becoming conversant with diverse ‘languages’ of the teachings expressed through different lineages… I’ve come to recognize practical differences, and appreciate similarities.

“Ultimately I find agreement with Gurdjieff’s maxim:
“All roads lead to Philadelphia.”

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